You Cannot Stay Quiet in a Barbarous World

The attacks on November 13 in Paris, sponsored by the Islamic State (IS), blindly killed 130 people and injured more than 300 among people who were at a concert, a football game, or a restaurant terrace… Since then, another Islamic terrorist group killed 19 people in a hotel in Bamako, the capital of Mali, while Brussels has been living practically under siege for several days, because of the threat of an attack sponsored by the same group as in Paris. Many people, in France and worldwide, wanted to express their emotion and solidarity with the relatives of the victims of these barbaric acts that can only provoke horror and indignation.

In recent weeks, IS also killed 224 in the explosion of a Russian aircraft and, on November 12, killed 43 in Beirut. Beyond the legitimate emotion, we should not forget that the first victims of IS are Muslim communities forced to live under its dictatorship.

Remember also that Islamic terrorists are the products of the Western powers, which supported fundamentalist groups to maintain their order.

Bashar Al-Assad, meanwhile, opened wide the doors of Syrian prisons to release Islamists, and also mobsters, whom he needed to crush the beginning of a popular revolution. And even though he bombed the Syrian population, the major powers are starting to patch things up with him.

Protected by our warmongers?

Terrorism in Africa, which has just hit in Bamako, is the result of the French intervention in Libya and then in the Sahel. In 2001 “there was a hotbed of terrorism. Today there are 15. We multiplied them”, said De Villepin, who had been Minister of Foreign Affairs under Chirac, so he must know! Behind the dictatorships, behind the bombings (and the many civilian casualties that multiply the jihadists), there is the will of the major powers to maintain the peoples in servitude, in the oil-rich Middle East like in the whole world. On Friday, November 13, this barbarity has caught up with us.

Protected by those who attack us?

In France, from Hollande to Sarkozy and to Le Pen, politicians claim they are the best to “protect us”. But how can we believe that they care about us when, here, they increase the attacks on workers? Did they seek to “protect” the Air France workers from their boss who wants to cut jobs? Has anyone heard Prime Minister Valls use aggressive language to denounce employers eager to reduce the workers rights?

Emergency laws to silence us

Hollande established the state of emergency and its laws of exception for three months. He announced a 600 million supplementary budget to recruit 5,000 policemen, 2,500 prison guards, 1,000 customs officers, and to maintain the strength of the army. And, while Hollande praised the hospital staff for their mobilization to help the wounded of the terror attacks, he has not given up on cutting 22,000 hospital jobs! The “security pact” does not apply to healthcare.

On the other hand, the state of emergency is an opportunity to pass laws that will be used first against the workers and all protesters. That are already used! The Government took the opportunity to ban demonstrations, those about the COP21 as well as union demonstrations and rallies in solidarity with migrants. Fortunately, social and far-left activists defied the ban and the demonstration of solidarity took place yesterday in Paris. And many more will defy the ban to demonstrate during the COP21.

Indeed, let us not be intimidated

According to Hollande, we must go on with our lives as before, go to shows, restaurants… To show, are we told, that the terrorists haven’t won.

So yes, let’s continue to live, but not just by going to shows and restaurants! Let’s continue to demand, to fight, to strike, to demonstrate! To show all these politicians that they did not win either!