Yes, It’s The System

The following is reprinted from Speak Out Now’s workplace newsletter at Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Station Agents face threats of attacks every day. No matter how alert and conscientious a worker is, an attack can seem to come out of nowhere. These can be deeply traumatic events, especially when a worker faces returning to “their station.” And often it is “their station” — one where they have worked regularly or on and off for years, know people, help people regularly who have disabilities as well as first-time riders and those visiting from all parts of the world. Yes, these attacks are a consequence of the system we are living in…but it is collapsing on us. The safety of everyone in the system is essential. There are many steps that could be taken that could begin to deal with this, but the useful ones won’t come from the Board or Management. How about talking with the people who work the stations and know what is happening?