Women Fight Back Against Texas Abortion Ban

Travis County Courthouse, Austin, Texas. (Image source: Larry D. Moore via Wikimedia Commons)

Last week, court hearings were held on Zurawski v. Texas, marking the first time patients denied abortions sued a state since the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Fifteen women, along with the Center for Reproductive Rights, filed a lawsuit against Texas after being forced to endure tragic and high-risk pregnancies to term. They are rightfully arguing that the language of Texan anti-abortion laws prevents doctors from providing abortions to even the most vulnerable people.

Texas refuses to take the blame and instead points fingers at individual medical providers. The state government clearly wants to keep abortion bans as vague as possible to take away the reproductive rights of as many people as possible.

The plaintiffs provided testimony on their horrific personal experiences. But they represent millions who are being denied and will be denied their right to a medical procedure.

These women are using the lawsuit to demand change. They are right to fight. But, regardless of the ruling, we must not forget that this same court system allowed the right to abortion to be taken away in the first place. We cannot rely on the courts. We have to continue to mobilize our collective action to continue the fight however we can.