When Trump is Your Boss

In his campaign, Donald Trump continues to try to paint himself as the outsider who attacks the elite. But the fact is, Donald Trump is one of the richest men in America, and he did not get that way by fighting for the little guy, as he likes to pretend.

Trump makes racist statements about immigrants, calling them violent criminals, drug dealers, and people who take American jobs. In fact, many of Trump’s employees are immigrants, many of them without documentation. The famous Trump Tower in New York City was built on a building site prepared by immigrant workers, mostly from Poland. The workers were paid less than five dollars per hour working twelve hours per day. Many of the workers currently working on the new $200 million Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. are undocumented immigrants from Mexico. Trump industries also hired 1,100 foreign workers on temporary visas, working as cooks, cleaners and waiters. The fact is that Trump’s fortune was made for him by the work done by the same people he attacks in his political speeches.

When some of these workers tried to form a union last year at Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, Trump denied workers the right. Management used all sorts of intimidation, verbal abuse, and even physical assault.

Trump’s actions speak louder than words. His racist attack on immigrants is just a maneuver to scapegoat immigrant workers while he exploits them at work And his union-busting policies shows you what he really stands for. When Trump is boss, he doesn’t fight for the little guy – he  steps on them.