We Must All Become Organizers

We are all linked with people who could be activists or organizers. Each of those people are concerned about the political situation and are looking for ways to respond.  But they need help in organizing and linking to others who are already active.

Here are some steps that each of us can take as organizers.

Spread the word – We need to talk with everyone

  • When we are at school, at work, with our neighbors, at family or holiday gatherings, waiting in line, standing at a bus stop – everywhere we go is another chance to talk to people.
  • Wherever you go have tools at hand – fliers, posters, buttons, stickers – to give to people to share with others.
  • Be prepared to speak up. Have a list of talking points ready in case you need them.
  • Share information, articles, videos and events on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.
  • Post flyers wherever you go. Hundreds of people will walk past them and at least one may be interested in finding out more.
  • Tell people about the Speak Out Now website where they can access the fliers, posters, and other literature that they can use.

Wear your political T-shirts and buttons. They can often spark conversations.

When you meet people who are interested

  • Get their name, number or email. Make a note of who they are, where they work, go to school, or where they live.
  • Ask them who they know who could also be interested in organizing. People at their school, work, or neighborhood.
  • Stay connected with others who are organizing.
  • Organize movie nights, book clubs, potlucks, and discussion groups. These are easy ways for people to come together and discuss.
    Do you know people in organizations, community groups, or unions?
  • Find out what these groups are doing already.
  • If you go to their events, maybe there is an opportunity to make an announcement.
  • You can look for opportunities to organize events together.
  • People in churches, schools, community groups, or unions might be interested in posting flyers and sharing them with others.

At work

  • Talk to as many people as possible. This might mean coming in a little early to work to have more free time to chat, or having lunch in different places to meet new people.
  • Propose social activities that bring people together. Potlucks, lunches, social outings, craft parties, movie nights, etc.
  • Share an interesting article with your co-­‐workers.
  • Discuss the news with co-­‐workers. If possible, watch a news segment together.
  • Even SNL skits, they can be funny and educational.
  • Invite co-­‐workers who might be interested to political events.

At school

  • Find out if there are any clubs or organizations doing work at the school.
  • Look for common areas where students hang out to post and to talk to people.
  • Show up early to class and don’t be the first to leave.
  • Bring fliers, posters, buttons, and stickers.
  • Ask to make class announcements about upcoming events.

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