The Working Class President?

Recently Shawn Fain, the president of the UAW (United Auto Workers) union, announced that the UAW would support Joe Biden for President. The UAW waited to join the early endorsement of Biden that other unions made last year such as ATU, SEIU and AFSCME, who all pledged support, gave money, and phone-banked for Biden last year.

During the UAW strike last year, Fain talked about class war and the billionaire class. Does Biden represent the working class? Far from it. He may talk a good game sometimes, but he showed where he stood when he threatened rail workers when they were discussing the need to strike over the most basic demands.

He, like every president who preceded him, is the guardian of the those who own and control the corporations and the banks.

It is understandable that the heads of the unions fear a Trump presidency. But the elections are no guarantee of anything but more of the same for the working class. It is just a hope and a dream.

Unions claiming more than 12,500,000 members have endorsed Biden. Imagine what could happen if 10% of those workers were organized to reach out to other workers in a campaign for jobs for all able to work; with everyone paid, a real living wage, access to decent healthcare, schools, housing, and other basics for all workers.

A simultaneous strike across the country to make those demands would make it clear who really makes this society run and who has the power and the interest for all of us to have a decent life. And not live our lives to work; but to work to have good lives.

Sure, everyone can vote. How long does that take? What counts is what we do with the rest of our time.