The Election was Stolen? We Never Had Real Democracy!

Trump supporters have been claiming that the election was stolen. The United States may pretend to be a democracy, but we never actually had a democratic election in the first place. Who chooses the candidates? Who funds their campaigns? The rich and the corporations do, and that is who the politicians ultimately represent. Yes, many of the rest of us may get to vote in primaries and general elections, but we have a very limited choice set by the One Percent. On top of the candidate selection are the electoral structures themselves, such as the Senate and the Electoral College, which are undemocratic in multiple ways: by giving disproportionate influence to sparsely-populated areas, and by allocating votes by state, so that only a handful of “battleground states” actually matter. These “flaws” are actually part of a system (Check out this linked pamphlet for more details!) designed to maintain control by those at the top.