Online Townhall: Sat. June 20, 2020

Are Mass Evictions and Homelessness the Next Crisis?

How Can We Fight Back?

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COVID-19 and the government’s failed response are just beginning to have their impact. This pandemic is soon likely to turn the U.S. housing crisis into a catastrophe. Tens of millions of people remain unemployed, and most of those going back to work have not been able to pay all their bills. As landlords and banks start to demand payment of unpaid rents and mortgages, will they soon try to carry out mass evictions?

But just as we didn’t create this crisis, we don’t have to be the ones to pay for it. We have already begun to see thousands of people take to the streets against the racism and violence of this society. We can also begin to fight against evictions and to demand housing for all. As this crisis continues to unfold, if we organize our forces, we can defend ourselves against the further attacks of their system.

Join us for a presentation and discussion of the housing crisis, what has led to it, and what we can do.

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