Speak Out Now at Howard Zinn Bookfair

Self-Management and Revolution: A Dialogue Between Revolutionary Perspectives

Self-activity and self-organization of the working class are values that are shared by revolutionaries who may have different reference points from Marxism to Anarchism. Sometimes these differences hide the potential for multiple currents to collaborate in revolutionary action even though they may be guided by the shared values of self-organization and self-activity. The goal of bringing different revolutionaries onto a panel is to highlight the values of self-activity and self-organization from a variety of perspectives.

Our Panel will include:
Mike Corr – Speak Out Now – On May 1937 of the Spanish Revolution
Sasha Lilley – Host of Against the Grain – On William Morris and the Revolution
Andrej Grubacic – Anarchist Anthropologist – On Revolution at the Margins
James Brook – Translator and PM Press Author – On the Poetry and Perspective of Victor Serge

SESSION FOUR – 2:45-3:45
Ella Baker Room (229)

At Howard Zinn Book Fair: A Celebration of People’s History: Past, Present and Future

November 19th, 2017 10am to 6pm

Mission Campus City College of San Francisco

1125 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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