Slavery in Libya: The hatchet men‭… ‬and their‭ ‬backers

Images‭ ‬originally‭ ‬shown November‭ ‬14th on CNN‭ ‬have‭ ‬made it around the world.‭ ‬They show migrants in Libya being sold as slave at auctions.‭ ‬For a few‭ ‬hundred euros‭… ‬The people smugglers who take advantage of people’s misery to‭ ‬extort their money are disgusting.‭ ‬So are those who trade human beings.‭ ‬But what about the people who are pulling the strings‭?

The European leaders fight against migrants.
‭ ‬The increased flow of migrants since‭ ‬2010‭ ‬has led European countries to erect hundreds of kilometres of barbed wires:‭ ‬around Hungary,‭ ‬Austria,‭ ‬Slovenia,‭ ‬Norway.‭ ‬A wall is being erected on Austrian’s borders,‭ ‬and France is starting its own in Calais.‭
But this is not enough.‭ ‬This doesn’t stop the flow of people fleeing from poverty,‭ ‬war,‭ ‬often both.‭ ‬The list of areas that have become living hells is growing longer every year.
‭ ‬Our rulers do not think for a second about using some of the riches in our countries to help the migrants.‭ ‬France promised to take care of only‭ ‬30,000‭ ‬refugees before the end of‭ ‬2017,‭ ‬and has so far welcome only a tenth.‭ ‬Of course,‭ ‬these rulers already spend most of their time passing laws that throw families,‭ ‬old people,‭ ‬youths,‭ ‬into poverty.‭ ‬So why would they suddenly show any sympathy for the migrants‭? ‬Remember that police in Calais had‭ ‬ordered that no water should be given to babies,‭ ‬and that people who helped migrants in the Roya Valley were prosecuted.

Who are‭ ‬the human trafficking backers‭?
Yes,‭ ‬who are the‭ “‬godfathers‭” ‬of these mafias,‭ ‬in Libya and elsewhere,‭ ‬that rob,‭ ‬extort,‭ ‬rape,‭ ‬torture,‭ ‬sell and kill‭?
The European rulers want to‭ “‬dissuade‭” ‬the migrants from living their countries‭… ‬And for this,‭ ‬the migrants‭’ ‬journey has to become a hell even worth than the one they left.‭ ‬Worse than the hijacking and murdering of Boko Haram in Nigeria‭; ‬worse than Assad’s gas in Syria.‭ ‬And,‭ ‬this has to be well known.‭ ‬So the next ones will not attempt to leave their current state of misery,‭ ‬fearing they will plunge into even worse evils.
‭ ‬Since the European leaders don’t like to dirty their hands,‭ ‬they pay people to do it for them.

Hell in‭ ‬Libya:‭ ‬a‭ ‬well-known situation that‭ ‬should have been anticipated
‭ ‬Libya‭ ‬has fallen into the hands of gangs and militia,‭ ‬which terrorise and extort the population,‭ ‬since French planes bombed the country under Sarkozy.‭ ‬To ask Libya to keep migrants in meant giving those militia the role of‭ “‬managers‭” ‬of the‭ “‬detention‭” ‬centres.‭ ‬These are the filthy camps that the media have been reporting on for months.‭ ‬The European leaders could not‭ ‬have‭ ‬been unaware of‭ ‬what the‭ ‬bloodthirsty brutes they hired would do.
‭ ‬No more could they be unaware of the various traffics the‭ “‬smugglers‭” ‬engage in.‭ ‬Nor the forced surgeries or killings,‭ ‬allowing‭ “‬surgeons‭” ‬to remove organs that are sent in rich countries‭’ ‬hospitals‭… ‬Newspaper‭ ‬Le Monde headline on September‭ ‬4th was‭ “‬Migrants,‭ ‬targets of organ trafficking‭”‬.
‭ ‬So,‭ ‬they didn’t just‭ “‬turn a blind eye‭” ‬on the dirty work of their henchmen.‭ ‬The henchmen were hired precisely because the European rulers knew they were going to extort,‭ ‬torture,‭ ‬rob,‭ ‬and kill.‭ ‬The Europeans leaders let them loose just like you let attack dogs loose.‭ ‬These dogs demonstrate all the cynicism and inhumanity of their masters.
‭ ‬Think about this,‭ ‬next time you hear a Sarkozy,‭ ‬Hollande,‭ ‬or Macron pretend they feel for the fate of the weak and the oppressed.