Rona19 – A Personal Account

From a Bay Area, California Resident

I woke this morning, early morning before sunrise. I kept my eyes closed trying to will my sleep to return. It didn’t work. Off with the CPAP mask, in goes the nasal cannula to continue my oxygen therapy. Sleep apnea, COPD, diabetes, colitis, and fibromyalgia have meant I haven’t had to get out of bed this early for years. I do though because I am not going out like this. I have been fighting to improve mobility and quality of life since before my 5-year-old granddaughter was born. I decided to rally for myself and for her. No matter my extreme needs. Oh yeah, Covid-19!!! Or, Rona-19 – as my niece and I lightheartedly refer to the pandemic.

Rona19 has magnified my limits. Since my supports have limited mobility, I am really up the creek. I spend my time streaming and plotting. I am lucky that my neighborhood has organized for the present so food, medication and the basics thus far have been in place. I am studying, by streaming, what went wrong with the failed revolution of my youth. I am plotting how this time post Rona-19 to create success. How to access and engage the people who make the decisions and convince them to make the rational human choice. Get out of the policy and move like a person, be accountable for the results of your actions despite capitalism. It doesn’t work.