Review: San Francisco Mime Troupe’s 2022 Hilarious Political Satire:“Back to the Way Things Were”

San Francisco Mime Troupe

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco Mime Troupe’s summer show is a blast. Not silent for a minute, five great actors play an array of parts in this laugh-out-loud telling of the dystopian reality we are living in right now. The message of the Mime Troupe, as always, in their own words is “TO ALWAYS BE PART OF THE REVOLUTIONARY SOLUTIONS TO SUPPORT THE SERIOUS GOAL OF DISMANTLING WHITE AND CAPITALIST SUPREMACY”.

And we would add, “to have fun doing it.”
This summer’s show is political satire at its best.  Zoe, a teenager working a summer job with people experiencing homelessness, is growing overwhelmed, and swamped in red tape as she tries to help one client. To her parents optimism about the seeming end of the pandemic, she has priceless responses, roll-your-eyes cynicism. But she sure is excited about Alice and Ralph getting out of the house and leaving her alone!

How can Alice, Zoe’s mom, be so strangely thrilled about her new job at a fulfillment center? How can Ralph, a bus driver, be so optimistic about getting back to the way things used to be? The present is hell, but was the past really so great? Surprises from the past and the future take the audience on a great ride. So take a picnic lunch, and settle on the grass in a park near you and enjoy some serious laughter. They will be performing around the Bay Area all the way down to Santa Cruz throughout July and August. The show is free but bring a donation.

Check their schedule here:

Featuring Andre Amarotico, Lizzie Calogero, Norman Gee, Alicia M.P. Nelson, and Keiko Shimosato Carreiro. And band members William Durkee, Daniel Savio, and Jason Young.

Written by Michael Gene Sullivan with Marie Cartier
Music & Lyrics by Daniel Savio
Directed by Velina Brown
Musical Direction by Daniel Savio