Reservation Dogs – A TV Series

The TV series Reservation Dogs gives a picture of the lives and complex relationship of four late-teens. The humor, the tensions, the stupid and comedic situations they get themselves into will be recognizable to many who didn’t come of age under the close scrutiny of adults.

The refreshing aspect of the show is that it takes place on the rez – on a reservation someplace in Oklahoma. And it is not the under-the-microscope portrayal of Native American culture. For the main characters, this is life – you either stay on the reservation, with its poverty and limited choices, or leave. But it is always part of who you are. Some of the references and humor might escape some viewers, and that is one of its strong points. It isn’t trying to represent or translate life for those on the outside to understand.

As a consequence, it is a funny, sometimes tragic, realistic slice of life for the four central characters who each bring their personalities to the show. They are supported in many ways by a vast array of family and community members, including a traditional spirit from days gone by.

The FX/Hulu series has entered its second season and is worth a watch and will bring on a smile and a laugh – maybe not for everyone.