Rally to Stop the Deportation of Maria and Eusebio Sanchez: Monday August 14, 12pm at Highland Hospital

Maria Sanchez, a cancer care nurse at Oakland’s Highland Hospital, mother of four children, and her husband Eusebio, are facing imminent deportation to Mexico on Tuesday, August 15, despite 23 years of working and building a family in the U.S. This is another racist attack on undocumented workers happening right in our own backyard. We cannot just let this attack happen without any opposition. A rally has been called for the public to show our opposition to the deportation of the Sanchez family and the racist attacks on undocumented workers across the country. We cannot remain silent. An attack on one undocumented worker is an attack on all of us.

[to read more about this case: San Jose Mercury News article about the Sanchez case]

Come to the rally and support the Sanchez family.

Monday August 14th
at 12pm
in front of Highland Hospital,
1411 31st street, Oakland

link to the event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/726893194170253/