Politicians’ Idea of a Good Plan: Use Obsolete Data to Construct New Water Systems

Cities all over America are spending billions of dollars on new infrastructure to improve water systems. The new storm drains and sewers being built will need to be able to withstand rainfall that is increasing in intensity as the climate is changing. But many cities are using old data and rainfall records from decades past. In fact, some of the rain records being used are 50 years old!

Given that climate change has brought on heavier rains, increased flooding, and more frequent and intense storms, any new infrastructure has to take into account these considerations if it is to function properly. Otherwise, storm drains will be unable to carry the runoff away, and the result will be flooded roads and homes.

Although billions are being allocated to updating water systems in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, not enough is being spent on updating the weather data that is necessary for the construction of effective water systems. So once again, while on the surface this bill seems to be a change in the right direction, it is short-sighted and inadequate.

If we want safe water systems, or safe infrastructure in general, we need more than the half efforts we’ll get from politicians. We need real long-term solutions that not only take into account climate change, but work to help reverse it. Keeping people safe should be a top priority, no matter the cost or the effort required. The One Percent have plenty of resources to address the world’s needs, but they won’t voluntarily give up their luxuries. And as we’ve been shown, that means the solutions will have to come from us, not the bosses’ politicians who helped create the problems.