Online Townhall: Sat. April 4, 2020

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The Corona Crisis: Workers’ Lives at Risk

Saturday April 4, 4pm PDT, 7pm EDT

As this virus spreads, workers around the world are being coerced to work under increasingly dangerous situations. Health care workers have been forced to work without protective equipment, and are at the greatest risk for becoming infected. Other workers continue to work, despite the conditions they face, as they expect to be laid off at any time.

This is unacceptable. Workers lives should not be put in danger.
Join us for two presentations followed by a discussion and a chance to share our own experiences.

Garrett Brown is a workplace health and safety professional with extensive experience in the developing world. He recently retired after over 20 years as a field inspector for Cal/OSHA. Earlier in life, Brown was a journalist in Chicago, and a union organizer in Alabama and Georgia.

Dipti S. Barot is a primary care doctor in the San Francisco Bay area, working with a medically underserved population She is also a freelance writer.