Mo TV Series – What it Means to be Undocumented in the U.S.

Mo is a Netflix series that captures the struggles endured by undocumented people in the U.S. Palestinian comedian, Mohammed Mustafa Amer, drew inspiration for the sitcom from his nearly 20-year journey seeking legal refugee status. He exposes the failures of the U.S. immigration system in between jokes and touching moments with family and friends. 

The sitcom focuses on the experiences of a refugee trying to make ends meet without a work permit, while attending lawyer meetings and court sessions to prove that he deserves to be in the U.S. Mo uses comedy to cope with the dangerous and unjust circumstances that he faces because of having to work illicit jobs with no access to health care. 

Mo’s story resembles that of at least 11 million people living in the U.S. without papers, rights, and resources. Many undocumented immigrants are fleeing from war and violence. Rather than being met with compassion, they face challenges because of U.S. government policies, discrimination, and inequality. Undocumented peoples’ shared hardships are reflective of a society that prioritizes policing and economic control over the wellbeing of everyone! 

The show’s humor and cultural elements may help audiences relate to the show’s messages about the desperate situations of millions of people. The Netflix show has recently been renewed for a second season which may focus on an undocumented person’s journey across the U.S.-Mexico border.