Millionaire Water Wasters

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) recently released a list of 1,100 names of customers who were the largest water wasters in the Bay Area, those who used more than 1,000 gallons of water per day. The majority of the biggest water wasters are from some of the wealthiest households in the Bay Area. Two cities led the list with the most water wasters – Alamo with 289 people on the list and Danville with 254. These are two of the wealthiest cities in the Bay Area.

For the super rich, they continue to waste their water and just pay the fines of about $1000 or less every two months. For now, they have the money to spend and the water to waste.

Some of the Top Water Wasters

  1. George Kirkland, a former Chevron executive: 12,579 gallons per day
  2. Kumarakulasingam Suriyakumar,  CEO of ARC, a document solutions company: 9,612 gallons per day
  3. Mike Carvin, CEO of Erectors, Inc., a construction firm: 8,764 gallons per day
  4. Mark Pine, Managing Director at Sigma Partners, financial firm: 8015 gallons per day
  5. Thomas Seeno, CEO of Seeno Construction: 7,842 gallons per day
  6. Steven Burd, CEO of Safeway stores: 7,255 gallons per day
  7. Billy Beane, owner of the Oakland A’s: 5,996 gallons per day