Lessons from the 1960’s (Friday, Oct. 19, 6:30pm, Berkeley)

Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible!

Lessons from the 1960s

Friday, October 19th at 6:30pm

Berkeley City College, Room 51

2050 Center St., Berkeley (near Downtown Berkeley BART)

A panel of international activists discussing lessons from the 1960s:

George Katsiaficas: A student of Herbert Marcuse, he is the author of The Global Imagination of 1968: Revolution and Counterrevolution, The Subversion of Politics (AK Press) and the two-volume Asia’s Unknown Uprisings (PM Press). Together with Kathleen Cleaver, he co-edited Liberation, Imagination, and the Black Panther Party (Routledge).

Mat Callahan is author of The Explosion of Deferred Dreams: Musical Renaissance and Social Revolution in San Francisco, 1965–1975. He is a musician and author originally from San Francisco, where he founded Komotion International. He is the author of three books, Sex, Death & the Angry Young Man, Testimony, and The Trouble with Music as well as the editor of Songs of Freedom: The James Connolly Songbook. He currently resides in Bern, Switzerland.

The event is free and open to the public.

This event is co-sponsored by:

PM Press

Speak Out Now

and Students for Socialism Club (Berkeley City College)

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