Is Philippe Poutou’s Program Utopian?

That’s what they want to believe!

Every time Philippe Poutou talks about his program, on TV or radio, there is always a journalist to reply: “but isn’t it utopian?

Are the emergency measures for the working class really utopian? Is it utopian to ban layoffs and job cuts, to spread the work between all until everyone has a job? Is it utopian that no monthly wage be under €1,800 after tax? Isn’t it the bare minimum to have a job and a salary close to the average €2,200 salary?

What’s really utopian for people like Fillon, like the National Front representatives at the European Parliament, or like Bruno Le Roux is to… live on so little! They get fake jobs for their family members, paid with public money, with much higher salary. Same for Emmanuel Macron, who earned €3 million when he was an investment banker, and for the heiress Marine Le Pen.

Is it utopian to ask for what’s essential?

What’s utopian for those who support the capitalist system? It’s ending unemployment and poverty, so people can live decently, in a world bursting with wealth, a world where eight billionaires own as much as the poorest 50%.

Is it utopian to end a nightmare?

Is it utopian to think about ending the horror of all the wars obliterating the Middle East and parts of Africa, due in large part to the greed of multinationals, including French ones?

“Where will you find the money?”

That’s the next question from the journalists. Since, allegedly, the State is broke! Well, we could ask who took the money. Like the €100-150 billion the state gives every year to super wealthy bosses while the stock market is skyrocketing.

Workers could look into their bosses’ account books, like at PSA, whose CEO makes €5 million per year while his employees can live on bread and water; or like Bernard Arnault whose wealth is over €40 billion.

The so-called “major” candidates, who represent the rich minority, promise to bring back full employment… without taking on profits! That is not even utopian. It’s a scam.

They have millions? We are millions!

They count in euros, let’s count on our numbers. Last spring we fought the government for four months against the Work Law, but only once, and for one day only, we were one million in the streets all over the country. We will need more.

A general strike, involving millions workers, would make the emergency measures supported by the far left very realistic.

Our program is not made of promises, it is a program of workers’ fights

Only when millions of us start to take matters into their own hands, what seemed utopian suddenly becomes possible. Then the exploiters start to fear us and we can get truly better living standards from them. And if millions of exploited and oppressed people can stay mobilized long enough to be victorious, the anger will spread and perhaps become global. Workers’ internationalism will be a reality that transforms the world and the utopia will become real.

Vote and support Philippe Poutou, a worker, candidate of the New Anticapitalist Party, to defend the demands of the working class and to show that we are many, ready to fight for these demands.