Get Rid of the Labor Act!

Already more than one million people have signed the petition against the Work Act of Myriam El Khomri. And the demonstrations planned for March 9 will be massive. So suddenly, Hollande and Valls started speaking of “dialogue” with the unions, to coax us. But workers and young people are not fools.

Gattaz dreamed it, Hollande-Valls did it

Valls and El Khomri claim that it is necessary to remove all the regulations in the labour code that oppose layoffs… so employers can create jobs! They pretend to fight against the job insecurity that affects young people. But who can believe that facilitating dismissals would create employment? Who can believe that measures to make jobs more “flexible” will counter job insecurity? They really think we are fools!

With the Work Act, 12-hour days and 60-hour weeks would become possible, with a “modulation” over three years. Overtime would only be paid 10% above the normal rate. The hourly limits for apprentices would jump. Leave days might not be granted to employees who just lost a loved one. Redundancies would be made even cheaper and easier for the bosses, even when they make profits. And many more dirty attacks!

Thank you boss, thank you Hollande…

Yes, this dirty project was the last straw. Hence the general outrage within the working class. Hence this new atmosphere, this revival of a fighting spirit, as evidenced, for example, by the success of the film “Thank you boss” at screenings in theaters in dozens of cities…

Yes, we are all concerned by closures of subsidiaries of major companies that make profits, by the massive reductions of jobs in the private as in the public sector. By employers’ blackmail, which they use to impose production speed increases and wages decreases in exchange of false promises. How many greedy bosses are like those of the Brittany slaughterhouse COOPERL? The striking workers of this company have posted a YouTube video showing boxes of champagne bottles being discovered behind the desks of the executives who want to freeze their wages…

Let’s demonstrate massively on March 9!

But this is just a beginning…

Using Facebook, young people called for a demonstration on March 9, when the unions did not plan anything before March 31. While the CFDT and Unsa pretend to negotiate with Valls, the CGT, FO and South call to demonstrate on the 9th. So much the better!

Even better, this same day, railway workers will be on strike. In fact, they are faced with a decree that plans for the same kind of measures as the Work Act for all other employees.

Let’s set the record straight

The bosses didn’t need the El Khomri Act to layoff workers, and to safeguard record profits by increasing exploitation. There is a long list of all the accumulated anger of the working class, of all the demands that will have to be put forth. The possibility of a general strike does not happen very often, nor the opportunity to use our collective strength. We must take advantage of this situation to put everything back on the table, production speed, wages, as well as employers’ arrogance. And to ban layoffs. The working class can raise its head and force the bosses to lower their expectations.

The CGT, FO and Sud speak of a follow-up to March 9. This is essential. But no way we should wait until the 31st. This would give much time to the government to breathe! We must strike while the iron is hot!

Young people have shown the way by forcing the unions’ calendar. Let’s not leave them by themselves, we all stand to gain.

All in the streets on March 9!

All together to bring the government and the bosses to their knees!