Documentary Review: “The Janes” on HBO Max Documentary is a Must-See!

If you’re wondering what turning back Roe could mean for women, girls, and other pregnant people, “The Janes” is a must-watch. This HBO Max documentary interviews the brave women who ran an underground abortion clinic in Chicago in the 1960s. They were carrying out illegal acts on a daily basis and could have been imprisoned, so they had many different locations for the procedure, many different vehicles for transporting the patients, and used Jane as their code name. The documentary interviews a doctor, who at the time worked in the septic abortion unit (a unit dealing with patients who had had botched abortions) at a local hospital. He said that unit was always full during the 60s and one girl/woman died per week. Once Roe v. Wade passed in 1973, that unit was totally shut down. We are now once again facing barbaric disregard for women’s health and well-being. See “The Janes” and invite a crew to watch with you!