Cruel Deportations Continue: Has ICE Gone Rogue?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials on February 8 deported 72 Haitian immigrants back to Port Au Prince, the nation’s capital. This contradicts the Biden administration’s stated goal of ending the deliberately cruel Trump era border policies, and because 21 of the deportees were minors, including one baby only two months old!

When the Biden administration took office, it declared a one-hundred-day moratorium on deportations. This was then modified by a Texas court, which said that deportations could continue, but only for potentially dangerous migrants. Deportation of these migrants is therefore a violation of both policy and a court order. Also, Haitian migrants have been deported to Mexico, another practice which violates current U.S. immigration laws. So the question is, are ICE agents free to ignore both the president and court rulings? Has ICE gone rogue, with officials and agents willing and able to violate the law and undermine the stated goals of a president?

But there’s a more crucial underlying question. Who thought it was acceptable to send any migrants, much less children, back to a nation in the midst of violent political turmoil over a president who refuses to leave power? As the director of an immigrant support group said: “It’s as if there is a house burning, and instead of taking people out for their own safety the United States is sending defenseless babies into the burning house.”

As awful as this story is, it is a predictable outcome when nations erect and police borders, and stoke tensions between people of different skin colors, who practice different religions, or speak different languages. Babies get sent back into burning houses.