Bay Area: Join us at the San Francisco Mime Troupe Sat. and Sun. July 2 and July 3

San Francisco Mime Troupe

Speak Out Now will be at the opening weekend of the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s 2022 play.

Join us:

Saturday, July 2 and Sunday, July 3

Cedar Rose Park in Berkeley (Near North Berkeley Bart)

Music starts at 1:30pm, Show starts at 2pm

Arrive early to find a good seat (and bring plenty of sun protection)

Speak Out Now will have a table, and we will be wearing our green shirts with the image below on it. Come say hello!

The San Francisco Mime Troupe has been performing some of the best political theater around the country since the 1960s.

This year’s play is called: 2022 Back To The Way Things Were

In a country where we can finally stop wearing masks to get pizza and go to the movies, and where we again have a president who isn’t dumb as a two dollar ham, hard-working, middle-aged liberals Ralph and Alice wistfully yearn for The before Times, when things seemed normal. But for Zoe – their twenty-something daughter who grew up in a world of climate change, housing crashes, student debt, the rise of dictatorships and the fall of democracies – there is no “better” to go back to. For her the purgatory of the last two years was just a pause from life in Hell. So what’s the point? Isn’t it easier to just give up?

For more info, check out the San Francisco Mime Troupe