BART– the Land Baron: Displaced Coliseum Connections Tenants 

The following is reprinted from Speak Out Now’s workplace newsletter at Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in the San Francisco Bay area.

Tenants from the Coliseum Connections apartment building next to Coliseum station are still displaced after their building flooded last New Years Eve. They have been living in hotels for 7 months while the landlord drags his feet and does nothing to deal with their situation! Tenants organized a protest outside the landlord’s house last week, demanding relocation payments so they can move into new apartments. So far, he has refused and ignored their demands. Back in 2019, this landlord got $24.5 million dollars in tax-payer subsidies to fund the development of this apartment building on BART property, yet this is how he treats people? BART leases their land to developers like him, and in return BART makes money as well.