Attack on Dissent: Members of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund Charged with Terrorism?

The house in Atlanta where three organizers of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund were arrested in a police raid on May 31. Image source: Kate Brumback / AP via The Intercept.

On May 31, a SWAT team in Atlanta raided the home of three board members of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund (ASF) and arrested them for the crime of bailing out protesters fighting the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, or Cop City, which is a planned massive training space for law enforcement officers from across the country located in Atlanta. Marlon Scott Kautz, Savannah D. Patterson, and Adele MacLean have been charged.

This assault on civil liberties is an appalling attack against organizers. Over 40 people have already been arrested and charged with domestic terrorism for peacefully protesting the construction of Cop City. Now the state is even targeting those who bail protesters out of jail. While they are trying to spread fear, the only solution is to spread our dissent.