Andrew Cuomo: What Filth Lies Up There!

You probably heard Andrew Cuomo’s name in the news recently, and that’s because the Democratic New York governor has had to face some dirty truths the past few weeks. It has been reported that Cuomo has been sexually harassing and assaulting women on his staff. So far at least six women have come forward about their experiences of harassment, often involving unwanted physical advances in the face of clear protest. The latest person recounted being groped by the governor under her shirt. Cuomo has claimed that he is embarrassed by his behavior, that he never intended to make anyone uncomfortable, and that he has never touched anyone inappropriately.

But his words aren’t very trustworthy. It’s also recently come out that his office intentionally lied about the number of people in nursing homes that died from coronavirus. Cuomo and his aides came under scrutiny for unrealistically low numbers, given that in March 2020 Cuomo mandated COVID patients be sent back to nursing homes after hospital stays. As it turns out, these numbers were so low because his office had been underreporting nursing home deaths! He claimed this undercounting was a political move to protect him from attacks from the right, but the fudging of the numbers appears to have been going on far before federal agents were looking at them. Furthermore, in the report Cuomo attempted to blame the nurses in these nursing homes for the spread of the virus – the same frontline workers who have been forced to sacrifice their safety and wellbeing in the face of the complete failure of political leaders like Cuomo to seriously address the crisis!

Governor Cuomo has really shown how disgusting the political leadership of this society is. The Democrats claim they represent the people, but their leaders clearly do no such thing. Cuomo is a good example of a politician – as a governor and leading representative of the Democratic Party, he claims he had no idea his behavior made anyone uncomfortable, and that his manipulation of the COVID deaths was just to avoid backlash from the Republicans. In other words, what is normal for him is twisting the truth, manipulating people, and lying to and blaming working people. Cuomo is just one representative of the filth that lies at the top!