Against Crimes and Colonial Oppression: Solidarity with the Palestinian People!

Israeli airstrikes target a residential tower in Gaza City after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declares all out war on Palestinians, and the Biden administration confirms that the Israeli government has the full support of the U.S.

The following is the press release of the NPA (New Anti-Capitalist Party) in France, translated from French.

Contrary to imperialist governments and French capitalist political parties, the NPA fully reaffirms its unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian people.

It will join and call for all initiatives to demonstrate support, and oppose all attempts to denigrate the Palestinian cause.

On the morning of Saturday, October 7, Hamas, in power in the Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip, launched a large-scale attack, sending several thousand rockets towards the State of Israel and kidnapping Israeli soldiers and civilians. At the time of writing, at least 300 people had been killed and 1,700 wounded.

The response from Netanyahu’s far-right government was swift: more than 250 Palestinians were killed and 1,800 wounded by Israeli bombardments on the same day.

These deaths add to the hundreds of victims of colonialist crimes since the beginning of the year… And to the thousands of victims for over 75 years.

But the Israeli government knows that it can act with impunity, with the support of the major imperialist powers.

Macron assured us that he “strongly condemns the terrorist attacks currently striking Israel” and expressed his “full solidarity with the victims, their families and loved ones.”

The President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, also condemned “in the strongest possible terms the senseless attack carried out by Hamas against Israel” and defended “Israel’s right to defend itself.”

As for Biden, he called Netanyahu to assure him of the United States’ unconditional support.

On the side of the “emerging” countries, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his “solidarity with Israel,” while the Foreign Ministry of Brazil, which currently holds the presidency of the UN Security Council, expressed its condemnation of the attacks before calling a council meeting.

But when, last May, the Israeli air force bombarded the Gaza Strip, destroying a hundred buildings and leaving 2,500 people homeless, who among these people cried “terrorism”? Who among them speaks of terrorism when Israeli bulldozers intervene in the West Bank to destroy Palestinian homes and make way for new Israeli settlements?

The Israeli civilians who fall victim to the missiles sent from Gaza are certainly not guilty of their government’s crimes, but they are the victims of the backlash against decades of their state’s racist, segregationist and colonialist policies.

The NPA stands resolutely on the side of the world’s oppressed and exploited.

Of course, Hamas is not fighting for social justice and the emancipation of peoples. It is a reactionary and obscurantist organization, supported by governments just as oppressive as its enemies, starting with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Nettanyahu will attempt to rally support for his murderous policies, hoping to emerge from several months of political crisis in the face of massive demonstrations against his regime and its plans to amend the constitution in order to strengthen his power.

These recent demonstrations were limited to defending the democratic rights of Israeli citizens alone. Apart from a minority but radical opposition to the racism of the Israeli state, the demonstrations ignored the struggle for the rights of Palestinians, the misery in Gaza and the West Bank, and the military colonization operations in the territories officially granted to the Palestinian people.

And yet, as long as these people are confined to the ghettos of Gaza and the West Bank, as long as they suffer destruction, occupation and massacres, the Israeli people will continue to live in a permanent state of war. A people that oppresses another cannot be free! It is the war it is waging on the Palestinian people, colonization and apartheid that allow the Zionist regime to continue to harden, including against the Israeli working classes, in terms of both worsening living conditions and simple democratic rights.

It is the solidarity of workers and the poor in Israel with those in Palestine that will enable us to inflict a defeat on the Zionist state of Israel.

What is needed today is international solidarity against its colonialist policies — an international solidarity that will bring the Palestinians out of their isolation and encourage the Israeli working class and youth to break with their state and Zionist ideology.

NPA press release, October 8, 2023