Acts speak louder than words

Climate experts are saying that temperature peaks will get higher and higher… With the heat wave that just hit us, we got a sense of the climate emergency.

This did not escape Macron’s attention. At the G20 summit in Osaka he played tough, threatening those who might want to follow in Trump’s steps and run away from a climate agreement. After the summit resulted in a minimalist “agreement” he declared: “We avoided going backwards […] but we must go further.”

Avoided going backwards” because Bolsonaro, who threatened to follow Trump, ended up signing? What difference does it make? In Brazil, the deforestation of the Amazon forest – the planet’s green lungs – has been in full swing for decades.

Go further?” Last February, the French government dropped its objective to divide carbon emissions by 4 as described in the 2015 law, and replaced it with the vague statement to be “carbon neutral” by… 2050! And even this seems unlikely, as the president of the high council for climate, set up by Macron during the yellow jackets crisis, declared that given its policy, “France has no chance to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.”

It has to be said that Macron has a strong history about ecology. Starting with the infamous “Macron buses” and their big diesel engines. Their moderate success is due to the fact that many travellers cannot afford train tickets with prices that have become extortionate. When there is a train: because our green champion has supported the closing of “low traffic” lines, which are still greener than buses.


The truth about Macron’s ecology policy? Mass emission of tear gas, as we have seen last Sunday on a viral video, when cops violently dispersed demonstrators… ecologists who were sitting peacefully, by sprinkling them at close range.