Abbott Elementary – A TV Sitcom that Reflects Real Issues

The Emmy award-winning show, Abbott Elementary, brings comedic light to serious problems within public schools – problems caused by severe underfunding are presented through humorous and, at times, heartfelt moments, making the show educational but entertaining.  

Abbott Elementary is set in a predominately Black public school in Philadelphia and focuses on the experiences of five teachers. The audience follows them as they try to provide a quality education for their students with limited resources and unreliable administration. This is a familiar tale to anyone who has attended or dealt with public schools in the United States, especially in working-class and racially oppressed communities.    

Amidst the pressure to do so much with so little, the main characters lean on each other and their community. It breaks the television stereotype of lazy teachers who do not care about their students. These committed teachers are constantly trying to fix problems themselves while the city government prioritizes multimillion-dollar stadiums over schools.

The ABC/Hulu sitcom is currently running its second season and will make you smile, laugh, and feel angry at the same time.