2021: What Lies Ahead (Jan. 23, 2021)

2021: What Lies Ahead – Their Plans and Ours

The COVID pandemic has exposed the state of emergency this system has brought into being. The failures of this system promise more COVID surges and all the tragedies and worsening conditions that follow. The impact of this economic crash has taken a huge toll on those who’ve lost their jobs, their small businesses, their housing and more.

People are looking for solutions. Trump has played to many people’s fears, and the far-right organizations that led the mob inside the Capitol are his shock troops. The Democrats claim they represent our interests and are hoping that people will look to them for solutions. But it was their policies and years of broken promises that helped to create Trump. Both parties can only promise more dead ends.

These are not our only choices. We can organize to defend our interests and provide an alternative to the the hysteria that Trump represents and the business as usual of the Democrats. We have a lot of work to do to get organized, and we have to start now.

Join us for a townhall discussion about the emergency situation in front of us and how we can begin to organize a response to it.

Listen to a recording of this townhall here.