David Bacon: The Attack on Immigrants

The Attack on Immigrants: What Trump Can and Can’t Do

A Speak Out Now forum with investigative reporter and photographer David Bacon

Trump and those he represents are attacking the most vulnerable members of our society – recent immigrants, especially those without documentation. This is part of a strategy to divide us in the face of attacks aimed at enriching the billionaire class.

But those under attack are not without power. Immigrant labor is vital to many industries. Today about 57% of the country’s entire agricultural workforce is undocumented. But many other industries are dependent on immigrant labor including: meatpacking, construction trades, building services, healthcare, restaurant and retail services. This power, mobilized with other workers, can put an end to these attacks. When one group of workers is under attack, we are all under attack.  An injury to one is an injury to all!

Saturday, March 11
Oakland, CA