International Revolutionary Convergence (August 2020)

International Revolutionary Convergence is an online journal jointly edited by the Trotskyist organizations l’Étincelle Fraction of the NPA (France), Speak Out Now (United States) and RSO (Germany and Austria).

We are working in our respective countries for the construction of revolutionary communist parties, and of an International which brings them together. In our opinion, this task involves systematic activity in the direction of workplaces, starting with the largest, allowing revolutionary groups to establish themselves there. But it also requires the broadest discussion in the international revolutionary movement. The situation revealed by the protests and revolts of the popular classes in many countries shows that debates and exchanges are more than ever necessary so that the experience of some enriches others, and necessary to build, initially at least, a framework to these exchanges. The review International Revolutionary Convergence sets itself the goal of making our contribution to this goal..

What Perspectives, Following the Shockwave of Protests Around the World? (July 2020)

Is a Regroupment of Revolutionaries Something to Embrace? Where to Start and Where to go to? (April 2020)

The United States: An Awakening Decades in the Making (August 2020)

The Class Struggle in France During the Pandemic (August 2020)

The German Economy and the Covid Crisis (August 2020)