Blood Money at New York’s MTA

April 16, 2020

Over 10,000 people have died in New York City from the coronavirus. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if governments had taken the pandemic seriously

The COVID-19 Housing Crisis

April 13, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has put many people’s lives as well as livelihoods at risk. In response, the federal government has done nothing for renters or mortgage holders.

Book Review: The Water Dancer

April 13, 2020

The Water Dancer, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, opens with a quote from Fredrick Douglass: “My part has been to tell the story of the slave. The story of the master never wanted for narrators.”

Seeking Help in a Broken System

April 6, 2020

Ten million people have filed for unemployment in the last two weeks. Hundreds of thousands more were unable to do so, due to flooded call centers and jammed websites. New York State normally processes 50,000 claims weekly, but in the

Homeless in the Time of COVID-19

April 4, 2020

To lower the number of Covid-19 cases, people are encouraged to stay inside their house. But what do you do when you don’t even have a house to stay in?

The Digital Divide

April 4, 2020

Self-isolation thanks to the coronavirus makes everyone much more dependent on the internet. But lots of families lack reliable access

Food Deserts in a Pandemic

April 4, 2020

Residents of the Douglass Homes “affordable” housing community in Baltimore are organizing with supporters to get food during the coronavirus pandemic

GE Workers Demand Ventilator Production

April 1, 2020

On Monday, General Electric (GE) factory workers held demonstrations at two different plants, with the demand that the company use its aviation factories to produce ventilators.

How NOT to Fight a Virus

April 1, 2020

You would think that to fight the coronavirus, the government would pull together the best minds among relevant researchers and health care providers, decide what needs to get done, get industry to make the necessary supplies

Instacart Workers Protest Conditions

April 1, 2020

Instacart, a company that lets you order groceries online and have them delivered from your favorite stores, has seen a boom in business since the coronavirus has forced people to stay home.

An Abusive System

April 1, 2020

Childhelp, a national anonymous hotline to report child abuse, has reported a 23 percent increase in calls and a 263 percent increase in texts for March 2020 compared to March 2019.

Who is Essential?

March 27, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed some of the inherent shortcomings of the capitalist economic system. The recent labeling of “essential employees” during quarantine highlights the indispensability of certain jobs

Governor Cuomo – Not the Hero He Poses As

March 27, 2020

New York City is the center of the coronavirus crisis right now, and many people say they are impressed by the way N.Y.’s Democratic Party governor, Andrew Cuomo, seems to be handling the situation. Unlike Trump, he doesn’t minimize the


March 25, 2020

For the past couple of weeks, nurses at Kaiser Hospital have been caring for patients that came from the Grand Princess cruise ship and tested positive for coronavirus. Although there was time for the hospital to prepare before the ship docked, management implemented a training scheme only after the first confirmed cases of patients with Covid-19 arrived.

U.S. Sanctions Exacerbate the Coronavirus Crisis in Iran

March 22, 2020

Someone dies of coronavirus every ten minutes in Iran, according to the country’s health ministry. In addition, 50 new people become infected every hour. Iran has the third highest level of deaths from the coronavirus, behind Italy and China. Physicians

No Bank Left Behind

March 22, 2020

We are often told that we don’t have the money in this country for what we need, whether for healthcare, education, housing or anything else. This is a lie! When the banks are in trouble, it’s called “a crisis” and

Climate Refugees: Made in the U.S.A.

March 16, 2020

Rain in the 2019-2020 season has been well below average in California, and the outlook for the rest of 2020 is for it to be drier than average, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. This would suggest that we’re

Newark: Poisoned Water and Poisoned Politics

March 16, 2020

For many years, Newark NJ has had a big problem with lead in its drinking water. Lead is hazardous and most dangerous to children. It can cause brain damage and many other serious problems. Two years ago, when Newark was

International Women’s Day and the Harvey Weinstein Conviction

March 16, 2020

International Women’s Day, March 8th, was created over a 100 years ago through the demonstrations for women’s equality, particularly by the organized struggle of working women against their exploitation and oppression. Women have fought and won many battles since. But

The Battle Against Pension Reform in France

March 16, 2020

On February 29, the French government used an executive order to pass a widely-hated reform of the pension system, which is their equivalent of social security. The government of President Macron had attempted to sell this reform as one leading

Bezos on Climate Change – Covering Up the Truth

March 16, 2020

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and richest person on the planet, recently announced in an Instagram post that he is planning on donating $10 billion to combat climate change. “Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet. I want

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